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Onsite Classes
Each season, Gamelan Sekar Jaya offers a series of classes & workshops in both music and dance at our banjar community center and studio. Master Balinese artists-in-residence and senior company members utilize traditional Balinese hands-on teaching methods. Bali's core values of balance, harmony, and interdependence are evident in both music, dance, and theater, and in their close coordination. See below for what's in store this season.

Classes take place at GSJ's Center: 3023 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705 MAP
For more info, contact us via email or call 510-655-1227

Balinese Music Class
taught by I Dewa Putu Berata
Date: Saturdays, January 13 - February 10, 2018, 10:30AM - 11:30AM
Fees General: $16 drop-in / $80 for five classes
Fees GSJ Performing Member: $10 drop-in / $50 for five classes

Class Fee

Named for the 'gong,' or most fundamental instrument, gamelan gong kebyar is the most prevalent form of gamelan music in Bali, performed on an orchestra of bronze-keyed instruments. The class will be taught by renowned master Balinese musician and GSJ Guest Music Director, I Dewa Putu Berata. Students will explore dynamic interlocking “kotekan” patterns, mallet technique, expression, and the role of each instrument in the gamelan ensemble. Beginners and developing gamelan players alike are invited to take part in this series of classes.

Balinese Dance

Dates: Sundays, February 25 - April 22 (no class on Easter, 4/1), 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Fees General: $16 drop in / $175 for 12 sessions
Fees GSJ Performing Member: $10 drop in / $120 for 12 sessions

Class Fee

Basic techniques of Balinese dance are taught through fundamental choreographies created by Bali's master choreographers. This series of classes, taught by Guest Dance Director and master of masked dances, I Made Suteja, will focus on developing dance technique in the male style. Other styles, such as female and androgynous dance styles will be briefly covered as well. Classes will include warm up & exercises to learn movement vocabulary. Whether you are a beginning dancer, or a more advanced student who wants a thorough review of Balinese dance movement, this class will be the answer. No experience required. Age 11 and up.


Balinese Painting Class

Dates: Saturdays, February 24 - March 10, 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Fees General: $45 drop in / $135 for 3 sessions, + one-time $20 material fee
Fees GSJ Performing Member: $30 drop in / $90 for 3 sessions, + 
one-time $20 material fee

Class Fee

Learn the basics of Balinese painting with renowned artist and teacher, I Made Moja! This is a rare, hands-on opportunity for students of all levels to explore the traditional techniques and motives used in Balinese painting with a master artist. Pak Moja will guide you through each step of the process from sketching out an idea to painting on the canvas as you create your own piece to take home. 

Private Lessons

If you wish to study Balinese music or dance directly with one of our guest artists-in-residence, please contact us to let us know what you would like to study, and your level of experience so we can let the artist know what you would like to focus on. We offer 45min, 60min, and 90min appointment slots to fit your schedule. Please contact us at to set up a lesson.

Off-Site Educational Programs

Invite Gamelan Sekar Jaya to your school, workplace or community center! Master artists from Bali and Senior Company Performers can bring the beauty and drama of Balinese arts to you.

Music and Dance demo—ideal for a class or school assembly

This is our most widely used program. Three to five performers, including master Balinese artists-in-residence, come to your school and demonstrate gamelan instruments, dance, costumes, and how they all fit together. Bali’s lovely ethos of balance, harmony, and interdependence shines through in the glittering rhythms of interlocking rhythms, melded with a Balinese flair for dramatic presentation. This can be tailored for any size audience or assembly. Length: 30 to 90 minutes. Please email or call to arrange.

Hands-on gamelan workshop

For students ages 8 and up, in groups of up to 18 children. This can either be a one-time session or a multi-week program. Students get to play the gamelan angklung, a 4-toned orchestra, which is an ideal size for both children and adults. The angklung orchestra is made up of different size metallophones and gongs and can be transported to your school. Please email or call to arrange.

Special presentations and residencies

Lectures, demonstrations, small performances, residencies, and other programs are possible by arrangement. Our educational programs can be customized to fit your needs. For example, a workshop on Balinese puppetry or traditional offering making. A multi-week school residency by one of our artists, on music, dance, and/or puppetry. A presentation in a university class on aspects of Balinese performing arts in cultural context, or techniques of interlocking rhythms. Please email or call to discuss. 

More questions? Please email or call us at 510-655-1227

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