Jagat Anyar
Jagat Anyar includes original works by Balinese and American composers for GSJ's Balinese gamelan angklung and gong kebyar ensembles. This album was first released on cassette in 1994 and has been reissued by popular demand on CD and MP3.

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Jegog: Live at the Bali Arts Festival 2010

Gamelan Sekar Jaya’s bamboo jegog group performed at the illustrious Pesta Kesenian Bali (PKB), or "Bali Arts Festival", in Indonesia. We offer you the live recording from that performance.

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Purchase MP3 album or individual tracks at CD BABY $9.99

Kali Yuga: The Age of Chaos

Featuring a thirty-musician bronze gamelan orchestra, poetry, song, and ambient sound, Kali Yuga is a response to twenty-first century world conflicts, and inspired by the ancient texts of the Mahabharata.

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SERASI (“Harmony”) presents traditional and new material for the Balinese Gamelan, with a focus on themes that are central to Balinese belief: interdependence, balance, and harmony between humans, nature, and the spiritual world. Release Date: 2011
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Bayangan Jiwa
Bayangan Jiwa “the imagination of the spirit” is a work for the seven-toned Balinese gamelan semarandana & gender wayang, investigating how child-like playfulness, physical training & divine inspiration come together in the search for the eternal self.
Composer: I Dewa Putu Berata
Performers: Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Release Date: 2012
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Banjar Baru
Banjar Baru is an instrumental work for gamelan angklung. Guest Music Director I Made Arnawa created this instrumental work when Sekar Jaya was searching for a new banjar (community center). Two years later in 2011, Sekar Jaya moved to their new home in Berkeley, CA.
Composer: I Made Arnawa
Performers: Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Release Date: 2011
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Jagat Anyar
Cassete Tape

Featuring works composed and arranged for Gamelan Sekar Jaya's gong kebyar and angklund ensembles. Recorded 1990-1994.

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Sekar Jaya Tee Shirt
Designed by I Putu Dewa Berata



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