About Gamelan Sekar Jaya

Gamelan Sekar Jaya is a sixty-member company of musicians and dancers, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in the performing arts of Bali. Founded in 1979, Gamelan Sekar Jaya has performed throughout California, the US, and Bali—in venues ranging from New York’s Symphony Space to remote village squares in Bali.

The membership is the heart of Gamelan Sekar Jaya. Members have an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Balinese master teachers and gain first-hand experience in Balinese culture and customs through interactions with visiting artists. Members participate in group decision-making, take care of our community center, and take part in performances and tours.

Central to the group’s success is the presence of master Balinese artists. More than fifty of Bali’s most brilliant performers have joined Gamelan Sekar Jaya as artists-in-residence, for periods ranging from one month to two years. They lead rehearsals and performances, and are featured in workshops, school programs, and lecture-demonstrations.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya activities are supported by generous grants from the following: