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Letter from the Office of the Director, 2015
November 2015

Dear Friend of Gamelan Sekar Jaya,

Greetings! As I reflect on the year, I want to first and foremost thank you for the love and encouragement that you have given us. It takes a strong community to support an organization like Sekar Jaya, and we wouldn’t be here without you.

It has been an inspiring year. In the spring of 2015 Emiko Saraswati Susilo & I Made Arnawa lead us to celebrate our 35th Anniversary season with performances at The Los Angeles Music Center, Bridges Hall of Music at Pomona College, San Francisco City Hall, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the North Columbia Schoolhouse. Pioneering works for our jegog, gong kebyar and angklung ensembles showcased their creative genius and deeply integrated relationship with Balinese philosophy. We were blessed to have their incredible leadership for this important season.

We jumped into the 2015-2016 season with I Dewa Putu Berata, Ni Luh Andarawati and senior company members leading our performers at WorldOne Festival, Indonesia Day, and the Solano Stroll. GSJ then geared up for the arrival of Founding Teacher and internationally renowned Balinese Maestro Bapak I Wayan Suweca. Since his arrival in mid-September Pak Suweca’s artistic brilliance has stoked the flames of inspiration for each member, as he’s encouraged everyone to push beyond their limits and expectations. His unwavering belief in the strength of Sekar Jaya leaves no room for mediocrity, and instead encourages all of us to push harder for the sake of the art. This is the gift he brings to our community, and it is your support that makes this opportunity possible.

As our members and audiences enjoy the genius of senior Balinese maestros, we also welcome artists of the younger generation to take leadership positions as teachers, choreographers and composers. Luh Andarawati leads the dance program, sharing her charismatic artistry and staunch energy with each dancer, and thrilling audiences with her riveting choreographic arrangements. This 2015-2016 season we have commissioned two new works for gamelan jegog with Bay Area artists Paddy Sandino and Galen Rogers, so keep an eye out for the premieres next May.

Looking to 2016, Ida Bagus Made Widnyana, an important figure in musik kontemporer (experimental Balinese music), will join GSJ for the spring season for his second residency with GSJ. In mid-spring Bapak I Made Keranca, one of Bali’s most senior proponents of the kebyar tradition, will join us for his first GSJ residency.

As it was in 1979, it remains today that the artist residencies form the bedrock of Sekar Jaya. These residencies also allow artists to bring life experience, new perspectives, inspirations and resources back home, directly benefiting their communities in Bali. It is an honor for all of us to be a part of this exchange.

GSJ’s guest master artists and performers do an incredible amount of work beyond rehearsing and performing. So far in 2015, GSJ has reached over 500 children, youth and young adults in workshops and classes throughout our community. For many of the children, this was their first experience with the incredible traditions of Bali. It is a great joy and privilege for us to see the bursts of intrigue and curiosity, the “light-bulb” moments that emerge out of these workshops. I am profoundly moved by the artists who share their wisdom and skill in GSJ’s programs, and by the masterpieces and new works that we study and present. I am also touched by the members, staff, Board, and extended community whose dedication makes our programs successful. The group effort is colossal, undeniably beautiful, and lends GSJ a great binding strength.

In addition to time, love and passion, our activities require substantial financial resources. I am hoping that you will join me in supporting GSJ with a tax-deductible contribution. Your support is deeply appreciated and will echo across the Pacific.
With gratitude and warm regards to you and your loved ones,

Sara Gambina-Belknap, Associate Director, GSJ

“I will forever feel happy when I remember the ‘suka duka’ (great times and the hard times) that we have experienced in our past together. I always pray that Sekar Jaya remains strong and unified in the future. I am sure the enthusiasm of the community will always be high, and that Sekar Jaya will always be “Jaya” (bold, victorious, filled with strength).
—I Wayan Suweca, GSJ Founding Teacher

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